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Oops! Someone Sent Me Nudes!

Avon Fashions Releases A Nude Bra Line Perfect For Every Filipina Remember the saying it’s what on the inside that counts? Well, that couldn’t ring more true when it comes to intimate wear. The wrong set of underwear can easily break your whole outfit, no matter how nicely put it may look on the outside.

Date someone who treats you like shit

Date someone who treats you like shit. Then find someone who will treat you the complete opposite. I was never truly open when it came to writing about my past relationships. I used to be an overly emotional person. I say used to because I like to believe that I am now in a better,

Conversations with Claire x Charlene Ajose

It’s a little too late into the year (only four short months until 2018! Wow!) and this announcement is way, way overdue, but let me welcome you to my new blog site, my namesake, and finally, my very own (dot) com,! Writing has always been a life passion of mine, and even if I