Inside Lumina: Resort World Manila’s Walkway of Lights

When I went down the lobby earlier today to get my daily food supply from Diet Buddy, I immediately noticed something was amiss. To my dismay, the management decided that today was the day they would be removing the Christmas decorations. I of course knew it was inevitable, but I couldn’t help but be sad because Christmas REALLY WAS my favorite time of the year.

Luckily, my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to Resorts World Manila to see “Lumina”, an installation I tagged him in once when I saw it on Facebook. I love lights (I have fairy lights set up over my bed and have my own star lamp generator! Haha!) and experiencing this in person really made me happy! Of course, I could never pass up the opportunity for a photo! Special thanks to our friend Ariane for this shot! Dear Chino, if you’re reading this (of course you are!) thank you for always taking me to places that will make me happy! I love you so much!

Lumina, dubbed as the “brightest and longest lighted indoor corridor in the Philippines,” is a 110-meter pedestrian walkway that connects Maxims Hotel to Newport Mall. We saw multi-colored LED lights (at least 100,000!) arranged in a tunnel. A lot of people were passing during the time we took these photos, and I couldn’t blame them! It was such an Instagram worthy spot! Haha! It will definitely take a lot patience to get that dream photo, but I promise, it will be worth it!

Visit “Lumina: Walkway of Lights” at the 2nd Floor, Resorts World Manila.

All photos taken with the iPhoneX.


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