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Avon Fashions Releases A Nude Bra Line Perfect For Every Filipina

Remember the saying it’s what on the inside that counts? Well, that couldn’t ring more true when it comes to intimate wear. The wrong set of underwear can easily break your whole outfit, no matter how nicely put it may look on the outside. I got introduced to nude bras before entering college, because that was the time I became conscious of my choices in clothing. White tops with printed or black (even white!) bras became a no-no, and nude colored bras were my salvation. Personally, I love seamless, smooth, and little-to-no detail bras because they virtually match with anything and everything!

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Women were created in all shapes, colors, and sizes – and thus sparked the inspiration for Avon Fashions to create a whole new line, ensuring that there exists the perfect nude bra for every Filipina. Get ready to go from light to dark with these skin tone colors: Light Skin tone, Pink Champagne, Rose Gold, Dark Skin tone, Nude, Mocha, Coffee, and Dark Brown.

The seamless TSHIRT bra gives a smooth and invisible look for tight and lightweight
tops. If you’re feeling sexy and sensuous, the LACED bra has intricate designs that feel
great to wear under any outfit. Low cut, scoop neck, and wide neckline tops are no
issue with the natural-looking DEMI UNDERWIRE bra. Perfect for daily wear, the NON
WIRE bra will provide extreme comfort for any woman. The reliable FULL SUPPORT
bra is a dream for women with fuller breasts.

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Something as trivial as deciding which bra to wear with which outfit shouldn’t be another thing to add on your to-worry list. Life is already hard enough, don’t you agree?

For more information on where and how to order Avon Fashions, visit their website at www.avon.ph or like Avon Philippines on Facebook.

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