The Do you Desire: Denman, the Hair Dresser’s Hair Brush

Denman, made in the UK founded by John Denman Dean, and the renowned brand of hairbrushes, trusted by hairstylists around the world, continues it’s proud heritage as the top-of-mind brand, reigning over the industry fro the past 80 years.

I am a very low maintenance girl, and if you’re like me, you probably only ever brush your hair once, when you get ready for work in the morning, or for the second and most probably the last one for the day after taking a bath – before calling it a night. In both occasions, I use just one roller hairbrush. I have been it’s loyal user until the day I met Denman.

denman brushes philippines

Fast fact: Did you know Denman has 31 different types of combs and hair brushes? Neither did I! I’ve always believed it’s only between a brush and a comb, and never knew nothing about the in-betweens. Earlier this afternoon I learned all about Denman Philippines Brushes in a launch event held at TWG Tea, BGC. I got to meet the first three Denman Philippines Ambassadors, namely Lord Ramos, Jonathan Velasco, and Anton Papa, and witness each of their hair-creations first hand.

From Left to Right: Lourd Ramos, Jonathan Velasco, and Anton Papa

“Denman brushes are true quality brushes and they make my job as a stylist easier as they are ergonomically designed and are built to last,” says Lourd Ramos. Anton Papa, on the other hand, who styles the biggest stars, shares, “Even on a long day on the set, taking on client after client, I am able to continue because Denman, as the Hairdresser’s Brush, allow me to do my job efficiently, cutting down time while creating picture-perfect hairstyles.” Jonathan Velasco agrees and believes in the quality and performance of the brushes. “As a stylist who’s been working in the industry for years, Denman has lived up to the high standards and expectations we stylists look for in a brush. They’re light, they offer good grip, they hold up under blow-drying and heat styling, and they protect our client’s hair from breakage.”

denman brushes philippines

I am so happy how I got to take home six hair brushes to call my own! My favorite? The second one from the left…because it smells like Strawberries (not even kidding!) and the second one from the right (to help me with my at home hair styling!) Now, I can style my hair with professional grade tools, to provide me with the do that I desire.

Denman brushes is available online at Zalora, Beauty MNL, and Rustan’s The Beauty Source.





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