How to use Planners effectively featuring the Seattle’s Best Coffee 2018 Dream Journal

seattle's best coffee dream journal 2018

As a person whose concerns center primarily in the here and now, I often forget to stop, breathe and savor a moment and save it to memory. I started journaling way back in college, where jotting down ideas and personal idiosyncrasies was easier, and even norm – because writing is what students do. Fast forward to 2017 where I am now an individual who juggles a full time job, blogging, and everything else in between, maintaining a planner became slightly overwhelming, sometimes even unnecessary, especially with the advent of smartphones and gadgets that can keep track of our schedules for us. However, there is something magical and deeply satisfying about writing down your thoughts and plans with pen on paper, and this is why I decided to go back to journaling.

seattle's best coffee dream journal 2018

If you’ve kept a journal before, or planning on starting one, here are some tips to keep the juices (and inspiration) flowing.

1. Plan daily. Give even at least five minutes to allow yourself to write down your tasks and activities for the next day. Try this for 21 straight days, until it becomes habit. After that, you can move on to making plans weekly, and then monthly.

2. Don’t stress about filling everything out at once. Again, journals may seem intimidating at first especially with all the blank spaces, but don’t let this get to you as you might soon lost interest altogether. Allow your planner to reflect your situation one day at a time. Some weeks will be full, others won’t be as so, and you have to understand that that is okay. Planners are there to help you remember, not add stress.

seattle's best coffee dream journal 2018

A Christmas Tradition! Cheers to more great moments and coffee!

seattle's best coffee dream journal 2018 seattle's best coffee dream journal 2018 seattle's best coffee dream journal 2018

The night was made more heartfelt by the serenades courtesy of Tuloy Sa Don Bosco Choir

seattle's best coffee dream journal 2018

3. Have a single planner for everything. This is is pretty self explanatory. It helps to keep everything all in one place, so you won’t have to resort to checking multiple planners or calendars – or worst, your phone. It’s best also to develop a separation system beforehand so you could keep all your personal and business papers together, but won’t be confused in the process.

4. Check your planner always. Carry it with you religiously. Check it every now and then. Never keep it stored away lest it might get forgotten. Make it a part of your daily belongings – in the likes of your phone, keys, and wallet.

5. Pick one in a size and style you would be happy to carry with you everywhere, everyday. Seattle’s Best Coffee launched it’s 2018 Dream Journal last November 11, 2017. The Christmas journal has been a yearly tradition, but this year’s model is considered the best one yet as it was redesigned to journey with you as you create and experience your greatest year yet. It encourages you to dream big as how the featured photographers did where the journal featured 12 of the best entries from the photography competition held by SBC in partnership with the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation and YKL ColorFujifilm.

seattle's best coffee dream journal 2018

All you need is 18 stickers to get your very own Seattle’s Best Coffee Dream Journal 2018. Available in Blue, Orange, Black, and (my personal favorite) Red!

seattle's best coffee dream journal 2018

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Photos by Kisty Mea and I.

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