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It’s a little too late into the year (only four short months until 2018! Wow!) and this announcement is way, way overdue, but let me welcome you to my new blog site, my namesake, and finally, my very own (dot) com,! Writing has always been a life passion of mine, and even if I haven’t been able to write a much as I used to before, I’d always appreciate the time and support you gave me then until now. So please expect a lot more stories from me (plus another surprise: hint – food posts!) To you, dear reader, old friend (or new!) welcome, welcome to my new online home – stories #AsToldByCha.

If you’re a new reader and want to know a bit about how and why I started a blog, please do watch this video!


“I want to be that girl who sets an example that it is indeed possible to pursue your passion while also serving your purpose.”

Thank you so much, IamClaire. for featuring two of my greatest passions in life – that is sharing stories thru writing and helping other people by my profession in Nursing!

Shout out also to the amazing team behind this video, Drama Del Rosario and Katrina Camille Cabanos! Thank you for making this interview super light and fun!

And to everyone who has supported me since day one, nothing but happy hearts for all of you! Thank you! #PassionAndPurpose

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That Certain Charlene is a Layout Maker by profession, a Registered Nurse by mind, and a Stylista by heart. She is the ultimate multihyphenate. This blog serves as an online diary of everything and anything that is of her interest. Each post is a story - #AsToldByCha

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